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The original Caribbean malt enjoyed across the world

We all have a natural vitality within us, a life force or inner spirit that fuels our drive, our ambitions, our lust for life.  In an increasingly hectic world it’s important that we nurture our inner vitality by making time to do those things that are important to us, that make us feel good. Spend time with family, connect with friends, be real, make space within a working day, play a game and simply have some fun.  These are the things that make us who we are, that give us an inner balance, our health and well-being.  So that we can tackle the everyday challenges and achieve all that we desire in life.  Vitamalt with its natural ingredients and long-lasting energy boosting qualities exists to fuel that “joie de vivre."

History of Vitamalt

The beginning (1960s)

In 1960 The Ceres Breweries started to export malt beer (Malt øl) in Danish standard bottles tothe West Indies. As the export of malt beer increased throughout most of the West Indies, Ceres changed the name to “Malt Beverages”, which would eventually become Vitamalt.

Vitamalt comes to Nigeria (1961-1977)

During this time in Africa, there was a deficiency of Vitamin B in Nigeria and its people were suffering from Osteoporosis at high rates. Nigerian importers saw opportunities in malt beer because it naturally contained Vitamin B and engaged with The Ceres Breweries to bring their malt drinks to the country and introduce it to the African market.  

Vitamalt in the West Indies and the Caribbean (1978-1989)

In 1978 brand name “VITAMALT” and the iconic bottle design recognized around the world were introduced to the West Indies and Caribbean. With this iconic design the brand saw new levels of growth and recognition.

At that time the label was designed with the name “CERES” and the words “MALT BEVERAGE”, and featured a strong additional note on every bottle: “Doctors recommend VITAMALT which is used extensively by athletes, nursing homes, hospitals and similar establishments”.

Vitamalt's expansion and intro to the US (1990-1998)

In 1990 Vitamalt was introduced to the Bahamas. In 1992 Vitamalt got access to various markets and a broad distribution in Granada, St. Vincent, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua. Soon after in 1993 Vitamalt was launched in the French Island colonies of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

In 1995 Vitamalt became the first malt brand to launch a flavored malt. Ginger was the first flavor because Ginger was and still is a traditional ingredient in Afro-Caribbean communities. Finally in 1997 Vitamalt was launched in USA and the modern era of Vitamalt took root.

The modern era of Vitamalt takes root (1999-2002)

In 2000 Vitamalt was launched in France via export. In 2005 the company changed name to Royal Unibrew A/S and Vitamalt was now produced and marketed under the company name Royal Unibrew A/S.

Today Vitamalt is still produced by Royal Unibrew, Denmark and as license in few Caribbean markets and is enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world.

Vitamalt innovates and pushes malt forward (2003 - today)

In 2003 a new Vitamalt variant was introduced with the added ingredients of Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Royal Jelly to meet the growing public desire for healthier (functional) food and drinks.  

In 2010 Vitamalt created another new variant this time with Acai, Guarana and Aloe Vera and in 2012 the Vitamalt Plus variants were launched in Panama through export.

It's simply amazing what natural, fresh ingredients can do.