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Vitamalt Classic

The Leader of the pack. Vitamalt Classic energizes your mind and body whether your working, playing or just having fun under the sun. Vitamalt boost you up and cool you down. When you feel to enhance your well-being, drink a Vitamalt Classic.

Vitamalt Plus

Grab a bottle of Vitamalt Plus for an instant boost of energy. It’s powerful mix of Vitamins, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, & Royal Jelly boosts your vitality.

Vitamalt Light

Vitamalt Light comes with all the great taste, savouriness and vitamin power, but with less calories. Sometimes lighter is better.

Vitamalt Ginger

What makes a deliciously rich malt even more exciting? A sharp kick of earthy ginger. Vitamalt Ginger is the perfect zesty drink for every occasion.

Vitamalt Plus

Just when we thought it couldn’t have gotten better. Vitamalt Plus + adds fresh new ingredients. Same great taste. Vitamalt Plus with Acai, Guarana and Aloe Vera. Have you tried it yet?


Vitamalt – Takes Care of You

Vitamalt is one of the world’s favourite malt drinks, and best loved malt brands. The most international of non-alcoholic malt beverages, with it being sold in 60+ countries. The classic taste of rich malt, with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. And best of all, it’s the perfect energy drink for everyone. Delicious, nutritious and non-alcoholic. Its taste might be described as sweet, unfermented beer.

High on nutrients and vitamins, Vitamalt is a drink designed as an energy supplement. Vitamalt is most widely known in the West Indies, where over time it has attained the status of a cultural symbol. Bob Marley, for example, is often pictured with The Wailers drinking Vitamalt together.

The Vitamalt product range includes Vitamalt Plus, which contains acai, guarana and aloe vera, Vitamalt Ginger and Vitamalt Light, which has a lower calorie count.

Vitamalt is manufactured by Danish brewers Royal Unibrew.

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